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We DJ & produce themed dance parties and are huge Robyn fans. Originating in Brooklyn, we now throw parties all over the world. Current Brooklyn Bowl Residents. You may have seen us featured in Robyn’s Missing You video.

Upcoming Shows:

This Party Is Killing You! A Night of All Robyn Everything – The Honey Birthday Party Edition

🍯C O M E 🍯G E T 🍯 Y O U R 🍯 H O N E Y!!! 🍯

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October 2018, Robyn released Honey, a glistening gem of an album dripping with mood. On Oct 28th, we’re throwing Honey a birthday banger of a Robyn party!

Expect Honey in all its glory (and a few different versions of “Honey”…;) ;)), the remixes, alternate versions, and surprises…as well as all the Robyn bangers and b-sides you’ve come to dance and sing along to at This Party Is Killing You!

And, of course, we’ll pepper in some of the Carly, Mariah, Madonna, Lizzo…you know how we do it here at TPIKY.

Costumes/HONEY cosplay is ENCOURAGED! We WILL be awarding prizes for costumes, so come DRIPPING WITH HONEY!

THIS PARTY IS KILLING YOU is the original, and longest running, Robyn tribute night/dance party, conceived, curated and DJ’d by Adventure[s]